Design and Access Statements

Most planning applications require Design and Access Statements. We believe that these statements, which are often seen as an unnecessary and additional bureaucratic burden, are a vital tool to enable the arguments, benefits and positives of each scheme to be stated. We often develop these by way of a Planning Statement which further includes the relevant policy arguments and wider planning context.

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Our Approach – planning services delivered within realistic timeframes and costs.

Every problem has a solution, but not every solution maximises the potential of the project or site. Our skills and experience enable us to deliver creative solutions to achieve this potential and add value to every project. We work on a variety of projects and bring a fresh insight and different perspective to schemes.

 We approach each site in the way most appropriate to the context or specific issues. Generally though there are two main aspects to the initial stages; firstly we assess the various issues to be resolved to enable an appropriate strategy to be developed. We believe this strategy is vital to facilitate an appropriate, approvable and cost effective scheme that maximises the potential for each site.

Appropriate and Cost Effective Solutions

Due to the current complex nature of the planning system it is vital to appoint an experienced, professional and able team with a good relationship with the relevant Local Authority. Often, and particularly on larger scale proposals, a multi disciplinary approach is required; our network of high quality consultants as well as our own in-house team (including Architects, Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor and Professional Photographer) can provide a full range of supporting information to enable a high quality, robust and co-ordinated planning application, increasing the change of success and ultimately an implementable planning permission.

However, it is also vital to understand how much or how little information is required to achieve the desired outcome and our unique approach and experience enables the most appropriate and most cost effective solution to be developed.

Maximising Site Potential

We feel that now is a great time to review existing and future planning permissions as well as land holdings including maximising the development potential of sites, maximising the efficiency of developments in order to reduce construction costs, facilitate sales or the financing of developments. The revision of key planning policies (such as the NPPF, Localism and Central Government guidance) as well as the opportunity of no planning fee resubmission of schemes and our experience and capabilities mean there are fantastic opportunities to be grasped.

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