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There are no specific requirements to call yourself a planner or planning consultant, and many consultants have no formal planning qualifications. By appointing an RTPI Chartered Town Planner you can be assured that your consultant will have the necessary professional qualifications and experience which will provide a benefit to your scheme in ensuring planning approval can be granted in the most efficient manner, potentially saving you a substantial amount of time and money.

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Practice Profile -  A Leading Planning Consultancy

Since its inception, Hunter Planning Consultants have grown based on our unique approach and insight into the built environment and development framework . We have established ourselves as one of the leading consultancies in the area and have attracted a wide range of clients, from domestic and individuals, small and large scale property developers, built environment consultants, public bodies and Local Authorities.

Highly Experienced Director Level involvement

Our experience and abilities assist to enable us to fully optimise potential, whether on a small domestic scale or at a strategic level. We are small enough to ensure personal RTPI Chartered Town Planner & Director level attention at all stages in the project but large enough to ensure a comprehensive service for all scales of projects.

Our clients range from individuals needing planning advice with the house extension applications or planning appeals, through to large organisations with speculative or end user related development proposals requiring strategic advice and guidance.

Clear and Straightforward Advice

Whatever the project or scale, we aim to offer clear, realistic and straightforward advice on all elements of the planning system, helping to negotiate the planning maze and seek solutions to the most complex of planning problems.

Our advice and services involve assessing the development potential of sites, the likelihood of planning consent or planning appeal success as well as the likely supporting information required to accompany a planning application package.


Up-to date with current planning changes and policies

The planning system is going through dramatic changes at the moment, with the recent NPPF and localism etc, and we aim to keep ahead and at the forefront of the ever changing policy, advice, statutes and precedents and government advice and guidance to ensure that we have the appropriate and relevant in-depth knowledge of the planning system to ensure the best result for our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project or requirements with us. Please contact us for more information.

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