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About Us - Practice Profile

A Leading Planning Consultancy

Since inception, we have established ourselves as one of the leading consultancies in the area and have attracted a wide range of clients, including domestic and individuals, small and large scale property developers and business owners and built environment consultants.

Highly Experienced Director Level involvement

We are small enough to ensure personal RTPI Chartered Town Planner & Director level attention at all stages in the project but large enough to ensure a comprehensive service for all scales of projects.

Clear and Straightforward Advice

Whatever the project or scale, we aim to offer clear, realistic and straightforward advice on all elements of the planning system, helping to negotiate the planning maze and seek solutions to the most complex of planning problems.

Up-to date with current planning changes and policies

We aim to keep ahead and at the forefront of the ever changing policy, advice, statutes, precedents and government advice and guidance to ensure that we have the appropriate and relevant in-depth knowledge of the planning system to ensure the best result for our clients.

NB: WE HAVE NOW REBRANDED - please go to our new website - www.plande.uk

Our Planning Team:

Hunter Planning Consultants has a range of in-house expertise, with wide ranging experience, including

  • RTPI Chartered Town Planners
  • RIBA Chartered Architects
  • Code for Sustainable Homes and Certified Passive House Designers
  • Professional Photographers.

    Often a multi disciplinary approach is required and our network of high quality consultants (including Surveyors, Barristers, Estate Agents, Engineers (Structural, Highways), Landscape Architects and Ecologists) can provide a full range of supporting information to enable a high quality, robust and co-ordinated planning application.

    Use an RTPI Planning Consultant

    There are no specific requirements to enable someone to call themselves a "planner" or "planning consultant". By appointing an RTPI Chartered Town Planner you can be assured that your consultant will have the necessary professional qualifications and experience which will provide a benefit to your scheme and in securing timely planning approvals. Contact the RTPI Professionals today at Hunter Planning Consultants.

    Royal Town Planning Institute - Chartered Town Planner

  • Our Approach

    Planning services delivered within realistic timeframes and costs

    Our skills and experience enable us to deliver creative solutions to achieve site potential and add value to every project. We work on a variety of projects and bring a fresh insight and different perspective to schemes. Each site is assessed and an appropriate strategy developed to aid a time efficient approval.

    Appropriate and Cost Effective Solutions

    As the planning system is complex, it is vital to appoint an experienced and able team with a good relationship with the relevant Local Authority to increase the chance of success and ultimately an implementable planning permission.

    Maximising Site Potential

    We feel that now is a great time to review existing and future planning permissions, as well as land holdings, maximising the development potential of sites and maximising the efficiency of developments in order to reduce construction costs, facilitate sales or the financing of developments. The revision of key planning policies (such as the NPPF and Government guidance) mean there are fantastic opportunities to be grasped.

    Please contact us to discuss your project or requirements.

    Town Planning Consultancy Services

    Hunter Planning Consultants provide consultancy and design services across a wide range of sectors, including Commercial, Residential, Retail, Leisure, Community & Education, Historic, Agricultural and Equestrian, Mixed use sectors for a wide range of clients.

    As part of our planning consultancy work we are currently dealing with a number of complex issues including Certificates of Lawfulness, resurrecting planning permissions dating back over 30 years, Judicial Reviews, retrospective planning applications, planning appeals and Section 106 negotiations. We have a fantastic record of securing planning permissions either by application or by appeal.

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you to establish the benefits and added value that we can bring to it.

    NB: WE HAVE NOW REBRANDED - please go to our new website - www.plande.uk

    Planning Permission & Planning Applications (preparation, submission and monitoring)

    Obtaining planning permission is arguably one of the most important elements in the development process and the right professional assistance is vital to ensure that approval is granted. Whilst the planning system has become very complex, Hunter Planning Consultants are able to assist in explaining and simplifying the process, guiding you through the maze of legislation and regulations.


    Planning Statements

    Typically a statement will comprise a justification of the technical aspects (including highways, trees, ecology, landscaping etc), planning policy, design, sustainability, community involvement among others At planningstatement.com we have a wide ranging experience in submitting planning statements across a wide range of sectors including domestic, residential, commercial, retail, leisure and mixed use.


    Planning Appeals

    Unfortunately not every planning application is approved at the first attempt but a planning refusal can be subjected to a planning appeal. In some cases it may be worth considering how amendments to the scheme could overturn any objections, however if matters relate to the principle or other non-negotiable elements an appeal may be a useful strategic tool.


    Variation of Conditions and Amendments to approved schemes

    There are many reasons why an existing planning approval requires amendment; whether it is a change of brief or requirements, change in economic circumstances, change of site owner etc. There are several formal options for amending or varying all or part of an approval, including Non Material Amendments and Variation of Condition applications. Such applications require careful consideration within the overall development timeline so that the critical path is not affected.

    Planning Conditions & Agreements

    Whilst it is possible to apply to vary planning conditions or even to appeal against planning conditions, it is often very useful to discuss the wording of planning conditions with the planning officer prior to planning determination to ensure the conditions are appropriate, achievable and not onerous. Careful discussions can reap substantial rewards in reducing the burden of bureaucracy in the discharge of planning conditions, facilitating earlier construction starts etc.

    Permitted Development

    The rules for permitted development (i.e. works that do not require planning permission) have become more encompassing and far reaching, reducing the number of planning applications for smaller projects, particularly house extensions etc. The permitted development regime has also been extended to include office to residential conversions, change of use from agriculture to dwellings etc. Interpretation and implementation of the rules requires careful consideration and professional assistance.

    Planning Enforcement & Stop Notices

    Whether due to the complexity, bureaucracy, costs or time constraints of the planning system, planning enforcement has become an important part of the planning process. Early dialogue with the relevant Planning Enforcement Team can lead to a lot of time, effort and importantly costs being saved. Appointing a professional Chartered Town Planner as soon as any issues occur is vital to achieving a successful outcome.

    Development, Planning & Economic Appraisals

    Understanding and knowing the viability of a development, from whether planning permission is likely and at what density, to whether funding can be achieved based on the assumed construction costs and realisation are vital factors in the development process. Combined with our network of professionals we are able to develop and assist with development appraisals etc and can provide a range of services regarding the feasibility of schemes.

    Planning Obligations, CIL, Unilateral undertaking and Section 106 Agreement Negotiations

    Planning Legal Agreements (Section 106 Agreements, Planning Gain, Unilateral Undertakings etc) are also now a fact of life with many, specifically larger, planning approvals. As experienced Planning Consultants with a good working relationship with many Local Planning Authorities we can facilitate these agreements to reduce the cost burden or to negotiate a more favourable outcome or terms. Early negotiations assist to develop clear successful outcomes.

    Lawful Development Certificates

    The Certificate of Lawful Use (Existing or Proposed) is a useful formal tool to prove that an existing use or construction works etc are lawful and/ or that proposed works do not require planning permission. At Hunter Planning we are fully up-to-date with the current regulations and planning contexts and can advise fully on all matters relating to permitted development and Certificate of Lawful Use (Existing or Proposed). The rules in England and Wales are currently different further confusing the issues and making it even harder for non-planning professionals to be sure of the situation.

    A sample of current projects

    We have a wide range of experience, at a variety of scales across all sectors. Please click here for more detailed information and a wider range of projects

    Recent Feedback

    Some comments from satisfied clients

    I & L Northcroft

    "We feel that the service we received from you was outstanding. Very professional and structured. You came up with practical, cost effective solutions. Communication was always quick and responsive."

    R Hale

    "An excellent service handled with supreme attention to detail leading to a positive outcome"

    M Franckel

    "I made contact with the company and they visited very quickly and submitted our planning application to Trafford Council in a professional and timely manner and I am pleased to say we had a positive outcome"

    G Hunt

    "We would not hesitate to recommend you to other prospective clients. It was always easy to contact you and there were never any long delays when you did not keep us informed of progress. Everything was handled efficiently and professionally"


    Tell us about your planning issue.

    Contact us for assistance with your planning project - residential, commercial, industrial, retail, mixed use, historic, community, education, leisure, hotel or self build homes.

    Our Head Office is in Altrincham, which enables us to cover the whole of the North West of England, North Wales and beyond. We work across the whole of the UK including England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

    Please email us for more information or to discuss your specific project. We also welcome feedback on this website. If there is anything you feel we have missed, or anything we can add or expand upon please do not hesitate to let us know.