Planning Permission, Approvals & Planning Applications by RTPI Planner

Obtaining planning permission is arguably one of the most important elements in the development process and the right professional assistance is vital to ensure that approval is granted.

Good working relationship with Local Planning Authorities

Hunter Planners are able to assist in a professional, personal and cost effective manner and have a wide range of experience and knowledge of the complex planning system and context. We have a good working relationship with a wide range of Local Authorities and a proven ability to obtain planning permission, even where other Architects and Planning Consultants have previously failed.

We have a wide range of skills and can negotiate effectively with Local Planning Authorities, at the pre-application stage and throughout the planning application process to ensure that a sites development potential is maximised, whilst reducing the associated costs (consultants, contributions, Section 106 agreements etc).

Improving your chances of planning consent

We believe that appointing Hunter Planning Consultants will substantially improve your chances of success as well as reducing the need for multiple applications, costly design changes and unnecessary consultants or reports.

Guiding you through the Planning Maze

Whilst the planning system has become very complex, Hunter Planning Consultants are able to assist in explaining and simplifying the process.

We are able to guide you through the maze of legislation and regulations, providing recommendations and advice along the way, facilitating, and often exceeding, your goals and aspirations.

Robust and Comprehensive Planning Applications

Making an application for planning permission is now not necessarily as straightforward as preparing the basic level of drawn information (site plan, floor plans and elevations) but approaching each project to allow the supporting and drawn information to best illustrate the proposals. We are able to advise and prepare the relevant drawings and pieces of supporting information to give each application the best chance of success. We have in-house CAD, design and presentation experts to assist with all types of planning application enabling each application to be presented in a robust and comprehensive manner.

Keeping clients up to date and informed

Following planning submission, a key part of our services is to monitor the application and keep abreast of any issues that arrive, resolving any potential problem, whilst keeping our clients fully informed throughout. This approach is vital to ensure timely planning consents granted within the statutory determination period.

Please contact us for more information on how we can assist with your planning application and to obtain a cost effective, appropriate and robust planning permission.